Prostitution in ThailandWelcome to the Prostitution in Thailand website, which provides neutral, objective information about the   sex trade in Thailand, one of the most famous sex tourism destinations.

Prostitution can be defined as a commercial transaction, during which sexual services as exchanged for money or other material gain. It is often called the “oldest profession,” reflecting the long history of prostitution throughout the history of humankind. Prostitution is often imagined or portrayed as a female profession, but there are many males who participate in the sex trade, whether homo-, hetero-, or bisexual.

Most major religious and ethical traditions condemn the practice of prostitution, and many countries have strict laws prohibiting or restricting the sale of sexual services. There are also many countries which have stringent laws against prostitution on paper, but do not really enforce them. Thailand is one such country, where, while prostitution is not legal, the government oversees it and tries to ensure its safety (from sexually transmitted diseases, exploitation, etc.) rather than crack down upon it.

This has made Thailand one of the most famous (some would say, infamous) sex tourism destinations in the world. (Sex tourism is the practice of traveling to a different state or country for the explicit goal of procuring sexual services for money). There are many important issues related to prostitution in general, and Thai prostitution in particular, including the safety from harassment and exploitation of the sex workers, the problem of underage prostitution (child prostitution), human trafficking (usually related to sex slavery), and HIV and AIDS. Feel free to browse through the tabs on this site to gain more information about these issues.