There are several non-governmental organizations in Thailand that deal with prostitution, both in terms of giving support to current and former sex workers, as well as combating abuse, human trafficking, sex slavery, and child prostitution.

The EMPOWER Foundation, which stands for “Education Means Protection Of Women Engaged in Recreation,” has the goal of supporting sex workers and lobbying the government of Thailand to provide the same labor protections to workers in the sex industry as it does to those in any other field. It does not intend to ban the “oldest profession,” but rather to make sure that it is practiced in a safe and abuse-free manner. It also provides English lessons, classes on sex and birth control, and other resources to help achieve its goals.

FACE, or the Coalition to Fight Against Child Exploitation, is another NGO in Thailand whose focus is on preventing child abuse and sexual exploitation. It is closely related to the UN, and has received financial assistance from the U. S. State Department in the past.

The U. S.-based Christian International Justice Mission operates in Thailand, as well as many other countries in the world, with the goal of preventing and prosecuting human rights abuses, including those related to prostitution, sex slavery, and child exploitation in the sex industry. It is headquartered in Washington, DC.